$75 (1 Hour Training Session: This training is conducted by "appointment only." Call or Email us to coordinate your training date & time.)

Let’s Get Back to Basics

Let’s Get Back to Basics

Sign up for the Basic Firearms Training Course

El Paso Concealed Carry offers a Basic Firearms Training Course, which includes a one-hour session that gives you an overview of how to properly handle and shoot a firearm. There is no classroom training—the course confines itself to practical exercises at the shooting range. You’ll get to work with professional trainers in a safe and supportive environment.

It’s a great course for everyone, from novices to proficient firearm handlers. Whether you want to nail down the basics or benefit from a refresher course, anyone can gain useful skills by taking our Basic Firearms Training Course. Register for the course online today!

What to expect during the course

First, we’ll meet at the range to cover the safety basics. The course culminates in shooting practice. Here are a few things you need to know:

  • No license or experience is required.
  • The course is just $75 per person.
  • The weapon you use will be provided for free.

If you want to develop basic firearms skills, register for a class online today with El Paso Concealed Carry.